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R&D Chemist

Job Code: #513
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $45,000 - $50,000
Job Location: Gurnee, IL
Posted 8 months ago

Job Description

Position Title:  R&D Chemist

Salary:  $45,000 - $50,000, plus bonus

Job Description: The Research and Development Chemist is responsible for formulating and reformulating products, setting up test methods and laboratory equipment, and approving chemical offsets.  This position interacts with quality, production, customer service, and purchasing departments.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research and development of new products.
  • Improve existing products to reduce cost, improve performance, or simplify manufacturing.
  • Test competitors’ products.
  • Analyze and approve chemical offsets.
  • Analyze properties of competitor products.
  • Develop and validated test methods.
  • Source and qualify laboratory equipment.
  • Prepare samples for customers.
  • Maintain formulations and specifications for current products.
  • Maintain SDS for raw materials and maintain chemical database.
  • Validate batching of new or reformulated products.


  • B.S. degree in chemistry, biology, or chemical engineering.
  • Solid understanding of analytical chemistry,
  • Familiarity with laboratory instrumentation,
  • Good math, computer, and communication skills,