Resume Tips

Your resume is what will open the door to that opportunity that you want to walk through. The days of going to knock at the front door and fill out an application are all but gone.

So why is it important to review and update your resume?

Interviews, job offers, and thousands of dollars hang on every word of your resume. It’s imperative to have a resume that separates you from the competition and demonstrates your ability to perform in an extremely competitive job market.

The following list represents the most important aspects of your resume:

1. Selling Yourself / Great Presentation
Hiring managers / Recruiters will most likely make a decision within 30 seconds if or whether to consider you for a current opening they have available. If your resume does not stand out in those 30 seconds, chances are it will be skipped onto the next candidate. In some cases, if it stood out but there is no opening at that time, your resume is sure to be placed into a “Hot book” list of candidates that will be reached out to when a new job becomes available.

Remember, your resume is a sale’s pitch. Your resume needs to tell the hiring manger that you have successfully done this work before and that you are confident in that you will do it for them as well. If you’re a recent college graduate, then you need to express this through project work, internships, and summer jobs. Selling yourself through previous experience is the best way to do so.

2. Relevant Experience Needs to Stand Out
What we’re seeking as hiring managers are those relevant skills that say you have done this work before, which means less time to train will be needed. The best way to ensure your resume stands out in these areas is to place important key words more than once on your resume. Make it specific to your industry, such as Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Clinical, etc.

We constantly see resumes missing keywords that our clients look for as well. Recruiters especially are using these key words to find candidates through various search engines such as Career Builder and Monster. If your resume fails to have these key words on it, then it may not come up in a search for a role you could have been considered for.

3. Formatting your Resume
Format your resume so it reads quick and easy. Make your objective focused directly towards the role you are applying to. We frequently see resumes that are focused towards a different role. This will hurt your chances. Also, place your education at the top, followed by skills and techniques attained through previous experience. Follow that with your current or last job, then previous jobs below that.

When placing the companies where you worked, we recommend placing the actual company versus the staffing firm that placed you there. This is important since most recruiters and hiring managers will seek candidates from other companies who may be a competitor of theirs. Finally, make sure to add additional skills, accreditations, certifications, that you know or feel can be useful to potential employers.

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