About Us

Business ConceptAt Pinpoint Pharma, we strive to satisfy both our external customers, as well as our internal employees. For our customers, we employ a task-oriented approach which focuses on completing the necessary tasks at hand in order to achieve goals. Our focus is on finding the step-by-step solution required to meet our client’s specific goals. This requires actively defining the work and the roles required, putting structures in place, and planning, organizing, and monitoring the progress within the team. This helps to ensure that deadlines are met and jobs are filled by focusing on the necessary procedures to ensure that everything gets done in a timely and productive manner.

For our internal employees, we employ a relationship-oriented model where leaders are focused on supporting, motivating, and developing the people on their teams and the relationships within. This style of leadership encourages good teamwork and collaboration, through fostering positive relationships and good communication. Our leaders prioritize the welfare of everyone in the group to place time and effort in meeting the individual needs of everyone involved. We understand that building positive productivity requires a positive environment where individuals feel driven.